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Carolyn W. of CA. - 2012

Much more than a guide, and more an educator...the history ties in to modernity and little by little the complexities of Israel unfold...


Tina A. of MD.- 2005

"We were so impressed by the way you were able to pull our young children in, and they enjoyed just as much as we did."


Michelle S. of N.C.- 2015

"I've been here a dozen times, but I've never experienced Israel like this before! As a teacher myself, I could tell that Josh was one too."


I want to thank you for instilling in me a connection to the land of Israel. You showed me nuances in nearly every single aspect of Judaism and Israel politics, culture and society. You provided me with the tools to create my own connection to my religion and understanding of life. Additionally, you led fascinating and insightful discussions about topics that are so controversial yet there is not real answer or solution. Finally, your ability to connect an idea and a place to a line in Jewish scripture written over 2,000 years ago is profound, and it makes my love for my nation, land, culture, religion, people, community and homeland immensely greater to an extent I never would've believed.


Thank you so much for leading me on the journey of a lifetime.

Jacob - Lev V'Nefesh - 2016

Sam S. - Birthright - 2010

In my entire life, I have never met someone with so much knowledge and passion for a subject or topic that you exude. Being around you for 10 days was a model for me to imitate with whatever job I hold in the future.
The country provided the visuals, smells and tastes, but I could not have had such a great experience without you guiding me through it all. You gave my peers and me an understanding what the "real Israel" is and what it stands for. 
A highlight of my life. You allowed me the ability to connect to something that I did not know I could.


Josh has the perfect personality for a tour leader: very patient, good sense of humor, able to gently get the group moving, incredibly extensive knowledge of Israel (past and present), ability to encourage discussion.   His personal commitment to Judaism lent a spiritual quality to the tour that made it more than just a “tour.”

Jim & Joan K. - CA. - 2006

Susan and George

Marcadis family.jpg

Josh is an excellent guide and teacher with incredible depth in archaeology, history, culture, religion, and social aspects of Israel of past and present. 

Extremely articulate, intelligent, personable, and thoughtful, he led us with patience, professionalism and good humor.

Josh was able to relate to each of us individually and as a group.

Great about responding to our many questions, he was reflective, candid and open in his responses, which certainly helped to provoke our own thinking and additional discussion. 

Thank you so much for leading me on the journey of a lifetime!

It is hard to imagine how the trip to Israel has impacted our family. The biggest factor was our facilitator, Josh!  He has a real gift of guiding others through their journey with his easy gentle energy. He “got us” with all our complexities, taught us and guided so that we each received what we needed from this trip, either emotional or spiritual, at our own pace and in our own way.  He changed our perspective of Israel and left us feeling much more connected to our Jewish roots and pride.

Simply life changing! 

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The Kesslers - 2011


Josh is so incredibly knowledgeable, engaging, funny, spiritual, silly, motivating, ...I could go on. We had no idea that we and our children (8/11/12) would love it as much as we did. I attribute all of our feelings largely to Josh and his ability to engage us, educate and thrill us. Josh made sure that there was plenty of action and not a day of boring sitting and listening. He always got the kids started with a fun word of the day and a story. With six kids of his own, he knows how to "kid speak," asking the kids a lot of questions to get them to really think and understand.

Akiva and Yair.jpg

The Boock family - 2012


This trip would not have been as amazing as it was without our guide Josh. Simply perfect! He was well educated, professional, funny, witty, relatable, ready to answer any and all our many questions! Our group, made up of different personalities and ages, all felt that Josh was top notch!!! When we go back we will have Josh again as our tour guide.

The Freeman Clan- 2017

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