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A Plethora of Professional Programs

I have been fortunate to guide and educate thousands of people on hundreds of programs in dozens of settings.

Here are 18 examples from types of programs,

and below, a few I am particularly proud of.

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Private and Family Tourism

I have been blessed with the opportunity to guide hundreds of individuals and families over more than 20 years. 

Navigating unique family dynamics and facilitating their interaction with the Land of Israel is the secret professional side of tour education.

What amazes me every time is that what starts off as a client relationship, develops into one of mutual friendship!

IGF is a ten month internship program, partnering talented young adults of diaspora communities with Israeli government ministries.

It is the flagship program of Masa-Birthright.

I have been privileged to be the program's tour educator since its inception in 2008.

IGF is a program of the Menachem Begin Heritage Center and run under the auspices of the Prime Minister's Office.


Taglit - Birthright Israel

Birthright Israel was founded in 1999 to address the growing divide between young Jewish adults in the Diaspora and the land and people of Israel. 

I had the unique opportunity of guiding the very first session, and over the years have had incredible experiences with hundreds of participants on dozens of programs.


“A land which Hashem your God cares for; the eyes of Hashem your God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year even until the end of the year.” –Deuteronomy (11:12)

Founded by Rabbi Tuly Weisz, Israel365 connects Christians with the land and the people of Israel, each and every day of the year, according to the above verse.

I was privileged to guide the inaugural Israel365 biblical study tour for people of faith from around the world.

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Legacy Israel

Close to a million Taglit-Birthright alumni means that there are almost twice as many parents of those alum who have asked: "What am I... chopped liver? What about me?"

With them in mind, Mayanot and Israel Maven created and ran a "Birthright style" program.

I had the honor of guiding the inaugural "Legacy" program in 2016, and another in 2018.


Livnot U’Lehibanot is a holistic, physically and spiritually challenging Jewish experience that connects participants to their heritage and community in an open environment.

I was fortunate to coordinate and guide these programs while living on the campus in Jerusalem and the old city of Tzfat.

It was here that my formative educational tools were forged.


Lev V'Nefesh

This two-month Israel program is the culminating educational experience for the graduating seniors of the Leffell (formerly Solomon Schechter Westchester N.Y.) School.

I have been honored to serve in the role of tour educator, consecutively, since 2010.

The opportunity to be a part of influencing these bright young people at a pivotal point in their lives is unparalleled. 

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